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Bikini Tummy Tuck In Miami

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The Bikini Tummy Tuck is a great Surgery because the Tummy Tuck is performed by placing a bikini line incision that can be hidden under a two piece Bikini Swim Suit, low panty or thong underwear. At Soler-Baillo Plastic Surgery we believe in individualizing every Tummy Tuck Procedures.

The name "Bikini Tummy Tuck" comes from precise incision planning and a non surgical belly button that allows the patient to wear a two piece bathing suit. An artistic fusion of the Tummy Tuck and body sculpting optimize each patient’s results.

The Bikini Tummy Tuck is ideal for the woman who still wants to wear Bikini swimsuits or two piece lingerie and wants to place the Tummy Tuck incision low enough to continue to wear these types of garments.


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The Best Candidates

The Bikini Tummy Tuck is a great procedure if you want to remove excess skin and fat around the belly. However you must keep in mind who is an ideal candidate for a Bikini Tummy Tuck.

The Best Candidates for a Bikini Abdominoplasty (Bikini Tummy Tuck) procedure are women who are in relatively good shape but are bothered by a large fat deposit or loose abdominal skin that won't respond to diet or exercise.

If you are very large and are many pounds over your body weight than a Tummy Tuck procedure will be right for you, when you visit Dr. Soler-Baillo Plastic Surgery you will be given personal attention and the best and most affordable surgery will be offered.


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