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How Much for Tummy Tuck Cost & Best Tummy Tuck Prices in Miami? Tummy Tuck, Abdominoplasty Procedure

Everyone wants to know the price of a tummy tuck procedure in Miami and what is the cheapest Tummy tuck price they can get. The truth is that a Tummy Tuck also known as an Abdominoplasty will vary in price depending on how big you are and how much skin and fat will needed to be cut out.

If you are 40 pounds over weight and they have to remove a large piece of your Tummy, the Tummy Tuck cost will be higher and you will obviously pay more than a woman who is only 15 pounds over weight and only needs to remove a small piece of skin and Tummy.

The starting price is usually $4,995 for small Tummy tuck Procedures and up to 10 thousand for a large procedure for a large person. In some cases the tummy tuck coast more if there are pre existing complications which will make the procedure more difficult and require more surgery time.

The next question is where is the Tummy Tuck procedure going to be preformed, if you choose to have a tummy tuck Procedure in a hospital in Miami Florida; you can add 3-5 thousand toward your bill, the most economical way is to use a tummy Tuck Surgeon who has his own Surgical suite to perform the procedure. The tummy tuck surgeon you are going to have the procedure with should have a lot of experience and be an expert in Tummy tucks.

Surgery offices whose Tummy Tuck Prices are lower than average, do not compare in quality to a highly skilled Surgeon an often this discount Tummy tucks can result in tummy tuck problems, or result in a bad tummy tuck. Please be very skeptical of any Surgery office that offers a deal to good to be true, you should do a background check on your surgeon and make sure his license does not have a suspension or disciplinary action against him or her or mal practice suit against him.

We care about how you look after your Tummy Tuck Procedure

When you have a Tummy Tuck with an Abdominoplasty Plastic Surgeon like Dr. Soler Baillo, you will have one of the best Tummy Tuck surgeons in Miami working on making you look beautiful.

His years of being an Abdominoplasty Plastic Surgeon will insure that you will have the best chances of a successful Tummy Tuck

Please look at our Tummy Tuck before after Photos so you can get an idea of where you fit in and how a Tummy Tuck can help you.


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